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    Q: Hello, your links are not opening when I click on them to download. Never had any trouble before now. Love your work!

    A: There shouldn't be any problem, everything is fine... If the problem persists, try to use another browser. Oh, and thank you so much!

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    Q: Why aren't there downloads these days? I can't wait for more, specially the last AHS looks & the London ones :(

    A: Don't worry, it's just that I'm too busy with university exams! I got it all figured out

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    Q: Keep up the good work, I LOVE YOU! 



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    Q: Do you like Gaga's role on AHS? 

    A: Of course. Who doesn't?!



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    Q: Your AHS content is absolutely stunning!! Thank you sooo much & keep making more please !

    A: Thanks! Can't wait for you to see the rest 

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