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    Q: I am very excited for AHS, but I am also anxious to use The Countess' dresses on The Sims 3. I hope you make all of them!! 

    A: We'll try so! Some of them are already made, so you better be ready to feel the darkness.



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    Q: Omg that Emmys dress ♥ Will you post this and the white one? Cannot wait for them :D

    A: That's for sure, baby!


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    Q: You are such an amazing site, do not let the haters (specially Artshits) make you feel down. We know you find the credits by yourself and credit if you use other's work. Also, you are always very kind to all your fans and help us with any doubt/request we have. This is only a part of why I trully think you are the best! Just ignore all the hate and keep your flawless work ♥ Lots of love - Nic.

    A: Thank you so much, Nic! ♡ We are tired of his unfounded accusations, specially that stealing fashion credits one. Let's explain it again: we do our own research basically through Twitter, Instagram (accounts like @fashionbygaga or pics where Lady Gaga is tagged, often posted by the designers themselves) & some websites, such as DailyMail and RedCarpet-FashionAwards. We also spend a lot of time searching some of them, just to make it clear that he isn't the only one. We have absolutely nothing against him, it's just that he did things to us which aren't fair at all. But well, we totally agree with you... The best thing we can do is ignore & keep doing our best! Thanks again for your support xoxo



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    Q: YOUR OUTFITS ARE AMAZINGGG!!!! Thank you sooo much for all your hard work! I also wanted to ask where I can find this  hair? It's absolutely gorgeous with that dress. http://goo.gl/Yvqa3S

    A: Omg thank you, hun! Well, that's a hair remesh made by a dear friend of ours. So, sadly, we aren't allowed to share it with everyone. Send a message to our Facebook page & we'll try to give you it privately. ♡

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    Q: Thank you for making this page possible & creating such a beautiful Gaga-related custom content for The Sims ♥ Nothing would be the same without HOGS. I adore you!

    A: Ah... THANK YOU! These inspiring messages are everything we need to keep working hard for y'all #Monster4Life 


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